Dr. Zackory Kirk

An educational thought-leader, advocate, and determined voice in innovative media

dr. zackory kirk

An educational leader, thought-fanatic, and determined voice in innovative media, Dr. Zackory Kirk has dedicated his life’s work (and purpose) to enlighten, inspire, and encourage.

After graduating from Mississippi State University, Zackory embarked on a new educational journey that led to several successful careers. He has served learners as a distinguished teacher, instructional coach, professional learning specialist, literacy coordinator, and curriculum director.

He currently works for the established learning company, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

Additionally, Zackory is a highly motivated writer, active weight watcher, and passionate activist.

His first children’s book, Not So Gifted Cody and the Really Big Problem, turned heads (and pages!) after its release in 2016. Still, through his ongoing work as a social media influencer and brand ambassador, Zackory is always seeking to work with organizations that inspire, motivate, and uplift. Both Zackory and his brand will forever focus on highlighting education, social activism, and wellness.

Zack’s Work

A content expert, engaging thought-partner, passionate activist, and empowering speaker, Dr. Kirk is available for consulting to support your organization’s specific needs.

This Educator’s Life

An avid reader, leader, and motivator. Explore Dr. Kirk’s article of the week, check out the Zack Pack Book Club, and The Educator’s Incubator.

The Deborah Kirk Foundation

The Deborah Kirk Foundation provides mini-grants to select teenage mothers living in Kemper County, Mississippi.